Work unit and its types

This describes how the process of working and getting paid is designed.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First there needs to be a JIRA issue that is being selected for the development.
  2. JIRA issue has to be assigned by the manager to the person working on the issue.
  3. JIRA issue may have multiple references to Confluence wiki or external sources that need to be consulted so that work is properly conducted.
  4. Check if that task has a work estimate, it has to have before starting work on it.
  5. Every day a work needs to be logged in JIRA issue as well as in Upwork platform.
  6. All coding work is done in a separate branch that starts from develop branch.
  7. The work is constantly reviewed therefore the commits should be minimum daily and available in your own repository.
  8. If the work takes more time then it should not be worked on unless agreed by both parties.
  9. The work upon completion and accepted will be merged by Radoslaw Szymanek
  10. JIRA issue is closed by the manager when accepted.

Different activities ( types of units of work )

  • Coding
  • Documentation on wiki - creation of wiki pages describing a particular aspect as well as improvement of the existing pages.
  • Creation of youtube movie describing a particular aspect and uploading it to osolpro youtube channel
  • Creation of tweets as well as finding people to follow for a particular aspect (e.g. osolpro-maven). Every technology has its own channel.